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Women's perfume

for you, this feminine fragrance full of life and elegance, let your spirit unleash this delightful blend of fruit and woody notes, a wonderful and indispensable fragrance in the spring and summer...
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It opens with top notes of fresh, uplifting bergamot and rosy, woody, inviting pink pepper. The alluring middle notes bring together the potent romance of rose, the voluptuous, intoxicating temptation of tuberose, delicious, tropical coconut, and sweet, rich, precious jasmine. And the base notes com..
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Amouage Honour is a feminine perfume that features accords of white flowers and tuberose. Amouage launched this romantic fragrance alongside a masculine counterpart in 2011. The white flowers featured in the scent are meant to symbolize unrequited love. The top notes of coriander, pepper, and rhubar..
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Armand Basi In Red comes with a spring floral character. The product is infused with the top notes of mandarin, bergamot, ginger, and cinnamon. The heart encompasses jasmine, rose, lily, and violet leaves, and the base includes musk and woody notes..
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Giorgio Armani captures the natural perfection of this legendary flower. With Pivoine Suzhou, Giorgio Armani has reinterpreted the Eau de Toilette, combining elegance and freshness with soft, lingering sensuality..
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This fragrance is full of femininity and vitality characterized by its pure and upscale composition of rose oil, California orange and black currant, as well as peach and berries, as well as its distinctive aromas of fresh green absinthe mixed with sandalwood, as well as creamy vanilla and amber, wh..
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Promising an 18 hours lasting scent, the Burberry Body Intense is a fruity fragrance with universal appeal. Burberry body intense comes with great ingredients including Rose, Musk, Sandalwood and Amber. A deep and intense concentration of Burberry Body Eau de Parfum for a rich and long-lasting scent..
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A youthful feminine fragrance that gives you a feeling of vitality and elegance thanks to its harmonious blend of flowers and fruits, such as fresh English roses, with white jasmine and sandalwood, added to them lemon, fresh apple, and green absinthe, in addition to ambergris and musk...
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A fusion of refreshing peach nectar invigorated by sun-kissed jasmine flower. My Burberry Black was launched in 2016. Burberry My Burberry Black rounds up a deep scent with a charming finish. This new elegant rich fragrance contains notes of jasmine at the top, with the heart of candied roses and pe..
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Enjoy a special touch of Ceylon tea extract to which the bellflower extract is mixed with something of iris, covered with the sweetness of bergamot and cardamom, and from them to the splendor of pink pepper with a tangerine refreshment and soft musk, unleash your spirit with vetiver and rice to reac..
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The embodiment of the colour red, Burning Rose is an explosion of energy; a celebration of vitality. Rich, fun and a little mysterious, the impassioned fragrance is a symbol of desire and love. Burning Rose is reminiscent of the aromatic expression of the spontaneity and charm that has always accomp..
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