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With few drops of this romantic scent, you will enjoy an irresistible fragrance. The composition is professionally-designed to suit the modern woman who knows how to get what she wants. It features notes of blueberry in the top, freesia in the middle, and patchouli in the base, providing you with a ..
S.R 3,020
Ex Tax:S.R 2,626
This amazing perfume is both complex and evocative. It was inspired by luxury interiors and furniture. The perfume was perfectly formulated from an elaborate, joyful fusion of mandarin, jasmine, and earthy patchouli that lends a deep richness to the perfume. It remains with you for much longer than ..
S.R 2,120
Ex Tax:S.R 1,843
This masculine oriental fragrance is designed for the strong contemporary man who takes steps forward. The composition has upper notes of oud, followed by tobacco in the heart and leather in the base, releasing a strong scent with a long-lasting effect to make your attendance special and noticed...
S.R 2,950
Ex Tax:S.R 2,565
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